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Optimization / Expansion of ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) at Koppert Cress



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What You See, Is What You Get

Innovation and Sustainability: The Green Heart of Koppert Cress

Located in the heart of Westland, Koppert Cress is a place where innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability. Amidst the green fields, where skilled gardeners carefully tend to the finest edible leaves and flowers, known as 'cresses', Ronald Vreugdenhil has been the operational director since May 2023. Ronald speaks proudly of his workplace: "I've been working at one of the nicest gardeners in Westland since 2000."

At Koppert Cress, innovation and sustainability are not just buzzwords; they are the foundations the company is built on. This is evident in the careful savings on energy and water. Thirteen years ago, owner Rob Baan, with a clear vision for the future, set up a greenhouse with what was then considered revolutionary technology, including LED lighting, a heat pump, and an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) system. While advisors at the time questioned his move, the recent energy crisis has shown that Baan was ahead of his time. It was a period of pioneering, during which they also paid their 'tuition fees'. Today, other gardeners come to Koppert Cress for insight and inspiration.

The Pioneer Spirit of Leo de Rijke in Sustainable Horticulture

In the quest for sustainability, Leo de Rijke has become a familiar face. Leo, who built his expertise at Certhon, a leading installation company in greenhouse horticulture, worked with Koppert Cress to develop their advanced systems. After a while, Leo decided to start his own business, and it was a logical step for Koppert Cress to hire him for subsequent projects.

By answering two specific questions, Leo has proven his strength. Calculating the capacity for a cold tank to cool in summer, and evaluating the sustainable energy system to see where further gains could be made. His years of experience with various systems and his ability to translate complex theories into practical solutions make him unique. Leo is known for his no-nonsense approach; he offers clarity without detours.

In the coming period, De Rijke Techniek will also collaborate for further expansion and application of the use of geothermal energy. The upcoming new construction is an example of the continuous developments at Koppert Cress, with Leo's involvement. With this planned new construction, they aim for a continuous optimization process. Significant steps have already been taken this year, particularly in recalculating the energy management."

Leo de Rijke embodies the saying: 'What you see is what you get.' A craftsman deeply committed to his work. Thanks to him, our company contributes to a sustainable future for us all.

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