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De rijke techniek
Where Technology and Horticulture meet

Your partner for advanced horticultural solutions

who we are

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Company history

Blending Electrical Engineering with Energy and Climate Technology Expertise for Horticulture. Founded by Leo de Rijke, De Rijke Techniek sets itself apart with a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Together with you, we find tailor-made solutions, from energy generation to climate control, that enhance the efficiency and sustainability of your operations. With a comprehensive approach, Leo de Rijke is your partner for success in modern horticulture.

Our philosophy

Showing that your success is our goal, we design tailor-made, profitable solutions that directly contribute to your business results. No unnecessary technical jargon or hidden agendas; we speak in clear language that directly aligns with your daily horticultural practices. Your increased efficiency and profitability are our hallmark.

Why choose us

Transparency proves integrity

At De Rijke Techniek, we provide substantial and trustworthy advice in the greenhouse and horticulture sector. With a straightforward approach and years of experience, we are experts in energy optimization, climate control technology, and measurement and regulation technology. We develop innovative solutions focused on measurable and sustainable yield. Our expertise ensures every horticultural business becomes more efficient and future-proof.

Expert specialist

Leo de Rijke is a specialist with a broad range of experiences in the greenhouse horticulture sector. His expertise spans from control technology to hands-on roles as a service technician and greenhouse builder. He is also proficient in the system management of cooling, heating, electricity, and water. Leo knows what it takes to make a horticulture business efficient and future-proof, both on the shop floor and behind the desk. His versatile knowledge makes him a trusted authority in this field.

20 Years of experience

With over 20 years of experience in the Netherlands and globally, spanning various roles, Leo de Rijke is a reliable partner in greenhouse horticulture. He thoroughly understands the industry and speaks the language of growers, service technicians, installers, and greenhouse builders. He specializes in cooling, heating, electricity, and water systems. Leo bridges the gap between theory and practice; his advice is always honest, substantive, and to-the-point. Opt for Leo de Rijke's no-nonsense approach and discover firsthand how versatile expertise leads to practical, profitable solutions.

Pragmatic approach

In his consultations, Leo de Rijke combines his extensive practical experience from around the world with his broad technical and theoretical knowledge. As a former service technician and greenhouse builder, he has expertise in cooling, heating, electricity, and water systems. De Rijke Techniek is known for its pragmatic approach: tangible solutions that truly work.

our services

Energy Optimization 

Discover how energy efficiency can transform your horticulture at De Rijke Techniek. With personal guidance from Leo de Rijke and our advanced solutions, we optimize every aspect of your business. Start today towards a more sustainable and cost-saving future in horticulture.

Climate Technology 

Make your horticultural ambitions a reality with De Rijke Techniek. Enjoy the perfect climate for your crops, reduced energy costs, and smooth operations. Our integrated approach to climate control and energy management, supported by expert advice from Leo de Rijke, guides your horticulture towards a bright future.

Measurement and Control Technology 

At De Rijke Techniek, we bring measurement and control technology to life. With Leo de Rijke's expertise in designing and programming systems, we transform your horticultural projects. Our tailor-made solutions and deep understanding of climate computers ensure seamless integration of your installations.

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