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De Rijke Techniek, led by Leo de Rijke, specializes in energy-efficient climate technology and advanced measurement and control techniques for horticulture. We provide practical, tailor-made solutions, technical expertise, and a comprehensive approach to optimizing your horticultural enterprise.

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Energy optimalisation

Energy Efficiency as a Standard 

Imagine if every aspect of your greenhouse was perfectly attuned for energy management. With De Rijke Techniek, this becomes your reality. Your crops thrive thanks to advanced climate control, while your energy costs decrease. This doesn’t have to remain a future dream, but can become the everyday practice in your business.

Tailored Advice

Leo de Rijke personally guides you, armed with years of experience in horticultural technology. From the initial sketch to the final realization, he ensures every energy aspect of your horticulture business operates optimally.

Innovative Energy Sources

Discover the power of various energy sources, from geothermal to CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) systems. We find the perfect match for your business, ensuring you benefit from an energy solution that is both profitable and sustainable.

Smart Climate Control

Step into your greenhouse and experience the ideal conditions. Our systems for dehumidification and humidification operate seamlessly and automatically, giving you more time for what really matters: making your horticultural business flourish.

Completely Integrated System

Every component of our energy solutions is designed to work together. From buffer tanks to energy storage, we ensure a seamless integration that leads to a more sustainable and efficient operation.

Expertise in Control Technology

Leo de Rijke brings his expertise in control technology directly into practice. He ensures that your installations are not only effective but also work in harmony for maximum energy efficiency.

From Concept to Realization

No project is too complex. We offer custom solutions, from design to implementation, tailored to your specific needs and desires. With De Rijke's guidance, every project is in good hands, from start to finish.

Ready to transform your energy management? Contact De Rijke Techniek and start your journey towards a more efficient, sustainable future in horticulture today.

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Climate Technology

Bringing Your Horticultural Ambitions to Life

"Your crops thrive in a perfectly balanced climate, your energy bills are reduced, and your entire operation runs smoothly. With De Rijke Techniek, this remains not just a dream but becomes a reality.

Advice That Works

You have an idea but are unsure how to realize it. Leo de Rijke guides you through the blueprints of similar, successfully completed projects. He explains not only what is wise to do but also shows how it can be done.

Energy: More Than Just Power Generation

Which energy sources fit best with your operations? We showcase various technologies and how they can be implemented to provide a fitting solution for your situation. Think of geothermal energy, CHP (Combined Heat and Power), ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) systems, and heat pumps. We make this complex interplay understandable and manageable, so you can focus on what really counts: your horticulture business.

Climate Control: A Step Further

You walk into your greenhouse, and with your experience, you immediately feel the humidity is perfect. Not because you are constantly measuring and adjusting, but because your dehumidifying and humidifying systems automatically regulate it for you. This gives you more time to grow, in every sense of the word.

The Complete Picture

At De Rijke Techniek, we don’t offer makeshift solutions but a completely integrated system. From buffer tanks to energy storage, each element works in unison for an operation that is not just more efficient but also significantly more sustainable.

Would you like to experience how this works in practice? Contact De Rijke Techniek today and take the first step towards a thriving, sustainable future for your horticultural enterprise."

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Measurement and Control Technology

De Rijke Techniek Makes it Workable

Control Technology understood from the inside

You don’t have to wonder if your installations can work efficiently, because Leo de Rijke has personally designed and programmed controls. He takes you behind the scenes to show not only how your systems can be well set up but also how they can work together optimally.

Expertise in Climate Computers

Looking for someone who understands the heavyweights of horticultural technology? Leo de Rijke is deeply familiar with the major climate computers. We understand your needs and assist you in your quest for detailed solutions.

Tailor-Made from start to finish

No challenge is too great: from designing new controls to integrating existing systems. With Leo’s extensive experience and knowledge, he maintains an overview and guides your entire project from start to finish, including integration and completion.

Don’t wait any longer! Contact De Rijke Techniek today, and together we will make your horticultural project a success.

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