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Innovative Cultivation Floors by Erfgoed: Sustainability and Technology Hand in Hand

Erfgoed from Moerkapelle is a pioneer in the horticulture sector, with a history dating back to 1958. Cor Bremmer, Commercial Director: “As a global leader in the installation of cultivation floors, we have expanded our expertise to 27 countries, including Australia, Brazil, and the United States. Our dedication to water technology has enabled us to develop advanced systems that are essential for efficiently watering plants.”

Erfgoed Leads in Cultivation Floors and Water Technology

“Our solutions are comprehensive and versatile. We are capable of laying the optimal cultivation floors both inside greenhouses and outdoors, suitable for a variety of plants. Our floors are equipped with the Ebb and Flood system, allowing irrigation from below. This system has the significant advantage of enabling the recapture and reuse of water enriched with nutrients - a practice that is mandatory in the Netherlands and is increasingly gaining traction worldwide.”

“The innovative floors by Erfgoed contain a layer of small stones that ensure the plants keep 'dry feet'. This is crucial to prevent diseases and pests and promotes uniform growth as the fields are completely level, ensuring each plant receives water simultaneously and in equal amounts. Our floors are constructed from multiple layers, each with a specific function, designed to prevent compaction even when heavy machinery drives over them.”

Leo de Rijke: Pioneer in Horticulture and Geothermal Technology

“For Erfgoed, Leo de Rijke is a highly valued and skilled technical consultant. Recently, he played a key role in a project we did with Koppert Cress. Together, we explored how to better utilize geothermal heat for plant propagation. Leo read an article we published about aerating cultivation floors and saw possibilities in this technique to better utilize geothermal heat. In addressing the question of the efficiency of this new technique, Leo de Rijke has been invaluable. He made this concrete and comprehensible for us. His expertise in horticulture and the utilization of geothermal heat, along with his attention to detail, was of great added value.”

“Leo's approach is not slick and commercial; he much prefers to be guided by measurable results and has a thorough knowledge of horticulture. He speaks the language of the gardeners and is determined to uncover facts and refute unfounded assumptions. His knowledge of physics and practical experience have been invaluable in designing experiments and validating our technologies.”

At Erfgoed, we aim to provide sustainable and efficient cultivation floors that not only increase productivity but also contribute to more sustainable horticultural practices. With help of experts like Leo de Rijke, we continue to lead the way in horticultural technology, promising constant innovation and improvement. We definitely recommend horticultural professionals to collaborate with De Rijke Techniek.

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