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Optimization at Amazon Amaryllis:

Amazon Amaryllis is a flower nursery specializing in the cultivation of cut amaryllis. The flower production takes place from September to February, peaking in December for Christmas. The Amazon Amaryllis range includes heavy and exclusive varieties of large-flowered red, white, pink, and two-toned flowers. Their specialty is the cultivation of double-flowered (Nymph) varieties, and they frequently test many new types. In terms of sustainability, Amazon Amaryllis is a leader, using the latest technologies to produce as efficiently and cleanly as possible.

Energy Plan Optimization for Amazon Amaryllis

Amazon Amaryllis was among the first greenhouses to go gas-free. The greenhouses are heated and cooled using a heat pump with an Underground Thermal Energy Storage (WKO) system. However, following the introduction of the Sustainable Energy Surcharge (ODE), the cost of purchased electricity increased significantly. The addition of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) installation, which generates electricity for onsite use and contributes to surplus cooling, made this financially more attractive. This thermal integration has been done as efficiently as possible, minimizing the mixing of low and high-temperature heat. Recently, an electric boiler has been added, which can be regulated by the automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR) market.

The Rijke, after thoroughly analysing our circumstances and taking into account our requirements, has delivered an appropriate and financially beneficial solution for our energy management.

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